Arch Druid Delong

Leader of the Druidic Order in Greyglen


6 Level Druid


Most larger cities can boast a druid grove. Most city’s have had to relocate to hills and mountainsides in order to escape the ever rising mist. This has made druids even more desired. They can quickly build up a city without damage to the surrounding nature, and can afford some protection against the encroaching plant monsters.

This man is the leader of the druid grove in Greyglen, the parties base of operations. He is an older elf who has long since reached his twilight years. He is often seen with a large raven and has spent much of his time recently training a successor. He is a kindly person who understands the earths pain, but not her rage. He helps hold off the plants when they come and prays that the earth well calm and release them from her rage.

Arch Druid Delong

Terra Divinemistress