Thri-Keen Fighter.


Xp 47,136
Rage Lasts 9 rounds
Male Thri Keen, Age 8, Height 6’4, Weight 175 lbs,
Fighter 5, Barbarian 3
HD 10
STR:20 DEX: 22 CON: 18 INT: 08 WIS:14 CHA: 6
STR: 24 CON: 22

SAVES: Fort: 12 (7+4) Ref: 11 (5+6) Will: 7 (5+2)

Rage SAVES: Fort: 13 (9+4)

Speed: 60

AC: 26 (+3 Nat, +6 Dex, +7 Chitin Armor)

HP: 99 (142)

Hp Rage: 156

BAB: 10/5


ATTACK: 17/12 /17/16/16 (1d69+1d6 fire) Primary, (1d6+6+1d6 Acid) (1d6+6) (1d6+6) Off Hand Spinning Swords (+18 if just one attack) reach/adjacent.

ATTACK 19/14/19/18/18 (1d611+1d6 fire) Primary, (1d6+8+1d6 Acid) (1d6+8) (1d6+8) Off hand


SPECIAL QUALITES: Darkvision 60ft, Immunity Sleep, Poison (1d6 Dex primary, Paralysis Secondary) DC 14 Fort,

SKILLS: Balance 10 (46), Concentration 8 (54), Climb 11 (38), Jump 66 (710+30+5+12+2), Tumble 15 (5+10), Use Rope 9 (3+6)

FEATS: 3+1, Multiweapon Fighting, Leap of the Clouds, Quick Draw, Weapon Finesse,

FLAW: Unnecessarily Curious (-2 to saves against illusion and charm).

CLASS FEATS: Weapon Focus (Spinning Sword), Oversized Two Weapon Fighting, Exotic Weapon Prof (spinning sword), Weapon Spec (Spinning Sword), Imp Initiative, Uncanny Dodge, Trap Sense +1.

RACIAL FEATS: Deflect Arrows,

LANGUAGES: Thri Keen, Common,
Rage 1


Being a Thri Keen, he was struck by wanderlust at the young age of 4. He wandered and wandered until he found a group of men fighting plant monsters. He instantly jumped in to assist the men. Impressed with his skill, they brought him into their fold. He joined the army. His continued skill and loyalty allowed him to move through the ranks. A natural cunning making up for lack of intelligence and charisma. Simple, Honest, Loyal. Yk’Tryk has all the positive qualities of a four armed,violent, golden retriever.


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