Dragon War

After the Dragons made the flora and fauna, they set out to create the mortal races. However Dragons, these Dragons, having all the power that they had, were stubborn. Each Dragon felt that they could do a better job then the others in creating the mortal races. Each of the dragons argued, this disagreement degraded into what we now call the Dragon Wars. As the dragons raged about who should create the mortal races their blood dripped to the ground. As this blood, full of magic and life imbued from the Gods, mingled with the natural magic of the earth, creating the mortal races.

Historians believe that this is why the mortal races are so prone to violence and hostility. We were forged in violence. The battled raged from years, while the Gods sat in silence, watching the dragons wage war against each other. They sat silent for, while they were not pleased with how their children had created the mortal races, they had kept their side of the agreement.

Some of the Dragons fell the Iron and Fang dragons were lost this way, their lines snuffed out leaving only the half-breeds and touched behind.

There was one dragon that sat back and watched. The black dragon Namatar, known in this age as Reaver, used the fallen dragons, to attack his brothers and his sisters. Namatar soaked up the negative energy and used it to raise the dead. His first creation was at one time human man whose name was Machiavelli. This man became the first vampire. For further information on Machiavelli see his entry.

Namtar build his army as those of the other dragons fell. This battle would have contiued to rage, if the Gods had not stepped in. They refused to let the world be destroyed anymore, by any of their children. They broke Namtar’s thrall on Machiavelli who bound Namtar’s soul into a dagger. The others agreed to an uneasy truce. For now it seems to holds, and many of the first Dragons are gone. If any are still out there, they are hiding from the world.

Dragon War

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