History of the World

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The world has been torn asunder by a great war. This war raged between the living mortal races, and the immortal. Those immortals battled with the purpose of enslaving the living races. There was no clear winner in this war. Both sides dealt a devastating blow to the other, but were both to decimated to deal the final blow.

There was a group of heroes poised to strike a final blow against the evil that threatened all. Did those heroes fail? What could have made them change their course and fail man kind? No one knows. Those heroes disappeared on the eve before the final battle. Those who survived the battle, who knew those old heroes, know not what became of them.

That was one hundred years ago:

Now the world herself is fighting back. She has decided to take back what is hers. A mist that started the day of the final battle, covers the ground and continues to rise. This mist takes any organic material and transforms it. This transformation comes in many ways. Plants fight back, in ways they weren’t able to in the past. Those who Terra calls to her defense, Druids, Rangers and their like, know little of why their often benevolent mistress has chosen now to rise up, and without mercy, strike down mortal kind.

But there are those who use this distress to create their own power. There are those that seek to change this mist into something more malevolent then it already is. This sect of casters seek to remake the world in their own image, and the image of their masters.

Who will rise up against these foes? Who will help the earth regain her balance and stop those who wish to use this turmoil to further their own agendas?

Just you, the intrepid Heroes. Those with the strength of character to help end the panic of the now, and prevent a world with out life from coming to pass.

History of the World

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